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The Dos and Don’ts of self-tanning mousse

The Dos and Don’ts of self-tanning mousse

If you are yearning for the glow some celeb like Ariana Grande always rock then you should self-tan to perfection. You do not need a professional to help you apply your tanner if you practice more often. If you not good in applying the self-tanner you can pick a gradual tanner. Gradual self-tanners are fabulous since you can do a little every other day for a very even tan and moisture. You should be cautious when applying tanning mousse on your thinner areas like face since they need fewer products. Here are the dos and don it’s of tanning mousse.

Don’t shave immediately before applying.

By shaving before exfoliates your skin leaving it ready for bronzing. Shaving can open pores and create cuts thus causing irritation during application. You should schedule shaving and wax an hour before applying your tanning mousse.


Exfoliating removes dead skin leaving a fresh skin for the tan to develop evenly. Don’t go too crazy just use a washcloth and a moisturizing body wash to do the scrubbing. When exfoliating you should pay special attention to elbow and other rough areas. Dry skin tends to over –absorb self-tanner thus showing up darker than other areas so you should gently buff the skin before applying the product.

Don’t forget to wear gloves

When applying bronzing self-tanning mousse it’s important to wear gloves to avoid direct hand contact. Most brands sell these products together with application mitt guide and other tools. If you opt to apply the self-tanner without gloves then you should wash your hands immediately after application to avoid staining. Dry your hands and apply the tanner to the back of your hands using a makeup application sponge. Using a sponge or gloves prevents the application process from becoming messy everywhere.

Do apply at night

Showering and clothes can mess up your tan when it’s still developing on your skin. The self-tanner can take up to eight hours before it completely sets into your skin that’s why we recommend applying at night. If you apply the self-tanner at night you are certain to get better results.

Don’t apply a second coat

Adding another coat of tan on top of a fresh one doesn’t make you darker. It only adds more bronzer and it just rinses off once you takes a shower.

Take recommendations

There are so many tanning products in the market and they are not created equal. Go for products that have gotten rave reviews to avoid being orange and streaky.

Wear dark loose clothes

Self-tanning mousse can stain your clothes so you should stick to dark clothes that are loose-fitting. Tight clothing will rub off your tan making so uneven. No one wants uneven tan with patchy areas since that will make you ugly instead of prettier.


When using self-tanning mousse you should avoid applying much to your face. Applying much self-tanner to your face will make your face too tan or have a blotchy tan. Use the product that remains after applying the body and apply to the face .Make sure you mix the self-tanner with a moisturizer to dilute the color.