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Frequently asked questions about tanning mousse

Frequently asked questions about tanning mousse

There many brands of tanning mousse in the market today. Many people get confused when choosing the tanning mousse to use for their sun-kissed glow. Tanning mousse provides a streak free tan and it suits every skin tone and lifestyle. It contains100% natural tanning agent and it’s so easy to apply. Many people are still in the dark as far as using tanning mousse is concerned. People have asked many questions that are yet to be answered. Here are the frequently asked questions on tanning mousse.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

Tanning mousse is safe for pregnant women since the product only lies on the first layer of the epidermis. The product does not go any near the blood stream meaning it’s safe. However, you should avoid using tanning mousse during the first trimester since your hormones are changing and it can affect the proteins on the skin.

Can using tanning mousse stop you from getting a real tan?

Tanning mousse does not stop you getting a real tan. The self-tanner does not protect your skin from skin from the sun since it only gives you a perfect base to build up your color. It’s important to use sunscreen with SPF protect your skin damage.

Is tanning mousse safe for the face?

Absolutely, tanning mousse contains alcohol that helps it to dry faster. You should moisturize your face well before using the tanning mousse to prevent it from dehydrating. You can use a tanning mitt to avoid the whole process becoming messy.

How can you tell if the tanning mousse will react badly with your skin?

Before applying the tanning mousse you should do a patch test to see the reaction. If you have a sensitive skin you should look for ingredients in your product that contain skincare benefits. Such products assist in keeping your skin hydrated.

Can pale skin use tanning mousse?

Yes! People with pale skin can use tanning mousse to bring warmth and color to their complexion. They should custom blend their skin with a plain moisturizer rather than applying the mousse direct to the skin. The moisturizer dilutes the tan to a thinner strength.

How do I avoid patchy areas?

When using the tanning mousse you should be extra careful with the wrist, elbow and ankles since they are prone to color grabbing. These are areas tends to tan faster thus appealing too dark than other areas so you should apply less product to the areas.


These are the most asked questions about tanning mousse. Am sure you are well informed about the product and you will not mess up the next time you are using it. You can also use the normal face bronzer and a makeup brush to blend in the tanning mousse on elbows and ankles into the color you want.