Hi, I’m Laura, and I love blogging.

I started this site as a way to share information on the new practice of tanning, which has become sort of a craze in my own opinion. Nobody wanna be left behind when it comes to getting that dark skin tone that leaves you looking sexy and more so appealing. I have had both negative and positive experiences with tanning out there. In the old days when some of us still bathed in the sun to get a cool bronzed complexion, I once had a run-in with sunburns. Those days are long gone though and there are many safer ways to tan. Some of the first tanners I used worked just fine. But I had negative experiences with streaking and spotty. Later, I learned, this was all because I wasn’t doing everything the right way.

I don’t want other ladies to get caught up in the same situations that I did. And that’s the motivation behind my blogging here. I want you to be so informed when it comes to choosing your preferred tanning method that you’ll never make a mistake. So I share what I have learnt. And if you can join me and contribute, simply holla me and I’ll create an author account on this site for you.

Thank you and let’s keep looking good!

With love from,